Just Thinking Aloud: On Fantasy's Strengths & Weaknesses

As I slowly, haltingly attempt to write out my own epic fantasy, I've been thinking about the nature of the genre. This isn't a formal essay as such so much as an attempt to gather together some inchoate thoughts about it.

Everything that follows - excepting the quotes - is caveated with this: it's all subjective opinion, and any statement carries an implied "I think."


My Patreon Has Been Unlaunched

It had a good run, but Patreon's really only good for creators with a very large pre-existing fanbase.


2021: What I Read

As with last year, music and film and literature continues to act as balm and root. Last year, I read 151 books - 154 if you include books I started but didn't finish in 2021. So far I have made it to 132 books this year. 

And so, as with the past two years, I will now dive into some of the books I've read this year, in chronological order, once again excepting any books in a series, and provide my thoughts on them. Title, author, order by start date, and read dates are included. I read multiple books at any given time and so please do not take that I am finishing the longer titles in only a day or two. There are occasional spoilers.


Book Review: Legacy of the Brightwash (Tainted Dominion #1) | Krystle Matar

So I finally dug myself out of the long reads I've been engaged in since mid-February, and returned to a couple shorter, fictional works, and one of them was Krystle Matar's Legacy of the Brightwash. Minor spoilers, friends.


a ribbon poem for National Poetry Month

it's National Poetry month and so my library has a poetry creation station wherein one can create poetry by writing them down with a Sharpie on ribbon. little tricky to do, but I wrote this short poem for it.

Oh for the night is dark and silent
& the ocean doth speak only in whispers
Tie your name to the black mast
Rest, and let darkness embrace you.